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Hosting students

Do you have a spare bedroom available? Would you like to share your culture and experiences with others while simultaneously learning about theirs? If so, why not join countless other families across the world in hosting an international student!

Many Kaplan International Language students stay with carefully selected local families while studying at our schools. Staying in a homestay gives our students a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves into a new culture and the English language.

The experience is enriching and rewarding for both students and hosts alike. Students benefit immeasurably from conversing in English in a relaxed, natural situation, such as after school or over dinner. As hosts you can rest assured that students are selected with great care and are expected to abide by your own customs and have reasonable expectations. You will also receive payment on a regular basis for hosting an international student.

We are committed to the highest standards of student care and support. Our accommodation managers in each school take great care in matching suitable students and hosts. Both families and students are supported by a network of regional coordinators and counselors who will keep in close contact throughout the student’s stay.

We are always happy to hear from new prospective host families. Please take a moment to apply and if you would like to call us regarding any homestay inquiries, please call +44 (0) 208 727 3500.

Apply to become a hOMESTAY HOST 

“I would definitely recommend others become host families, and more than that, to really try and get to know and enjoy their students. I find this is such a heart-warming thing to do. We always get such sweet people and each one is a new journey of discovery for us. I feel honoured to be a part of that process of change in someone’s life.”

Sue West – Perth, Australia


“The best part about living with students from all over the world is that you get to appreciate the different ways we do little things. We love to take students with us to our favorite spots like Venice Beach, Third Street promenade in Santa Monica and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. We are an active family and often get groups together to play soccer, tennis or go on trips to San Francisco or the Grand Canyon.”

Jamie, Sue, Catrice and Justin Hoyuela – Whittier College, USA