Academic English Courses

Academic English Courses

Hoping to study at an English-speaking university? Achieve advanced fluency and build the confidence you need.

Why Choose a Long-Term Academic Course?

Long-term immersion and expert tuition help you achieve lasting fluency, while you’ll never forget the sights and experiences you’ll discover.

Guaranteed Progress
Choose an Academic course and benefit from our Guaranteed Progress promise. (US, UK, Canada & Ireland schools only. Terms and conditions apply.)
Long-term Immersion
Build a detailed understanding of the English language and local culture, with plenty of time to explore your destination in depth.
International Connections
Build an international network of contacts, and boost your CV with experience of communicating with people from all over the world.
I would strongly recommend that everyone prepare themselves at Kaplan before starting at university. It was a great opportunity for me to develop my writing, communication, critical, numerical and creative thinking skills. I am currently studying LB Law at the University of Westminster, which is in partnership with Kaplan.
- Rustam Mutallimzada (Azerbaijan) -

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