5 Alternative Ways to Spend Your Summer Vacation

You’ve got some vacation days saved up, and you’re already dreaming of packing away the schoolbooks or setting your out-of-office email and getting away from it all. Lying on a beach or seeing the sights of an exciting new city is always wonderful…but could your vacation be more than just a welcome break from the routine? How are you going to get the most out of that precious time?

Travel is so much more than just a hotel room and a guidebook. Whether you’re an avid explorer, an adrenaline junkie or you’re looking to develop new skills, there are so many ways to forge your own path and build the kind of memories that last. Here are 5 alternative ways to spend your next vacation. 


1. Go on a culinary tour

Fancy yourself a bit of a foodie? Well maybe it’s time to stop simply following those Instagram food connoisseurs and discover a range of amazing flavors and culinary traditions for yourself.

Learn how to make pasta from scratch, experience all the exciting flavors of the Mediterranean, or explore the processes of pairing wine with different flavor combinations. When you embark on an Edible Destination tour, you’ll get an intimate look into a range of regional cuisines, with tasting menus from top culinary chefs and hands-on cooking classes.

Did you know that Kaplan International has schools in some of the food capitals of the world? Just imagine all the delicious world-class cuisines you’ll try while studying at our English schools in London, New York, San Francisco or Melbourne!


Alternative vacation - culinary tour
Discover a range of amazing flavors from around the world


2. Learn a new language abroad

You’ve probably been telling yourself for years that you’ll learn a new language one of these days – well now’s the time! An English course is so much more than just a one-off adventure. You’ll experience cultures that inspire you to speak the language every day, broadening your mind as you discover a newfound confidence in yourself.

Every year over 50,000 students from over 150 countries come to study English with Kaplan. Just imagine all the amazing people you’ll meet (not to mention all the delicious food you’ll eat and fascinating places you’ll visit). And the best part is you’ll be doing it all in English!


Alternative vacation - learn English
Learn English and make amazing friends abroad


3. Spend some time volunteering

Sometimes an overseas vacation feels like barely scratching the surface of a place. When you combine travel with volunteer work, you gain a much deeper insight into local cultures and lifestyles – along with the deep fulfillment of giving back and living your values.

Organizations like WWOOF International connect people who want to learn about organic farming with locals who want to share their lifestyles and teach new skills. Volunteers are invited to stay and help on the farm for 4-6 hours a day, fully integrating into the local culture. Not only will you get the chance to live in exciting new city, but you’ll be housed and fed by your hosts, picking up valuable knowledge of organic farming along the way. With placements in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania, there are so many places to explore.


Alternative vacation - volunteering
Discover a local culture, all while giving back to the community!


4. Try coasteering

Ever feel like paddling in the waves just isn’t enough? How would you like to hop across rocks, scramble down the shore and dive from cliffs in the ultimate aquatic adventure?  

Coasteering is all about experiencing an exciting intimacy with the geology and wildlife of the coast, exploring a side of nature see from land. Born on the rocky cliffs of Wales, coasteering has spread as far as Australia and Hong Kong – but the Jurassic Coast of England is now the sport’s most sought-after destination, with stunning coasteering sites within easy reach of our Bournemouth and Torquay English schools. With the help of highly trained coasteering guides, you’ll swim through canyons, explore caves, peek into rock pools and learn all about local geology.


Alternative vacation - coasteering
Experience an adrenaline pumping adventure like no other


5. Trace your ancestry

Our family narratives are built by stories passed down through generations. You may know a little bit about your cultural heritage, but have you ever wondered how far back you can trace your family’s footsteps across history?

Your journey starts online, with sites like Ancestry and Find My Past. Once you’ve put the detective work in, why not use this vacation to travel to your ancestors’ villages, tombstones or temples? You may be surprised to find an aspect of your personal history that you never even knew existed!


Alternative vacation - trace your ancestry
Trace the path of your ancestry, and discover all the places your relatives come from!


So what sort of adventure are you looking to embark on this summer? No matter where you go or what you do while you’re there, the benefits of learning English abroad are unbounded. Just imagine the freedom you’ll have when you learn to communicate in a language that is understood almost anywhere in the world!

Want to know more about how you can study English abroad this summer? Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comment section below.

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