6 Ways to Say "Thank You" in English

When learning English you might come across the more formal phrases of the language; although these are useful for building the foundation to the language, it's not necessarily the way native speakers would talk. When you decide to learn English abroad you'll not only pick up on the natural way natives speak but you'll also pick up the slang specific to that region. If you are travelling abroad, being able to say a simple "thank you" in the local language always goes a long way. 

Learn how to say "thank you" both formally and informally and a couple of phrases you can use when accepting thanks. 


"Thank You"

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Informal "thank you" phrases 

  • Ta
  • Thanks 
  • Thanks a bunch 
  • Thanks a ton 
  • Thanks a lot 
  • Thanks a million 


Formal "thank you" phrases 

  • Many thanks 
  • Much obliged 
  • You're too kind 
  • You shouldn't have 
  • Please accept my best thanks 
  • I'm most grateful 


Phrases to accept thanks 

  • It's a pleasure 
  • No worries 
  • You're welcome
  • Don't mention it
  • Sure thing 
  • No problem 


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