Alternative Travel Destinations - Where to go next?

Traveling is a very exciting activity for all of us who like discovering new cultures, places and adventures. Most people choose "mainstream" places and famous cities that are well recognized worldwide when they chose their destination. Fair enough, they trust thousands of millions of people’s reviews for that!

But sometimes it is worth going a step beyond and take the risk to discover something new. There are millions of hidden gems to be found out there, promising unique and amazing experiences. In this post, I've selected my 3 favorite English speaking alternative destinations, enjoy!

  • Sliema 

A Mediterranean paradise on the northeast coast of Malta. Previously called Tas-Silema, this little town of 15,000 people is a great destination for shopping and mingling with the rich and famous!

Sliema, Malta
  • Auckland

Also known as ‘The City of Sails’, this is the largest and most populous urban area in New Zealand. It’s a harbour town with volcanoes, forests and marinas. A great place to visit almost all year long due to its mild and beautiful weather!

Auckland, New Zealand
  • Perth

In this seafront city in western Australia, the beach literally meets the city. There’s a good mix of shopping, art galleries, beachfront cafes and a combination of vibrant nightlife and laid-back surfer lifestyle.

Perth, Australia

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