Avoid These CV Mistakes

With recruiters reviewing hundreds of CVs every day, yours doesn’t have long to make a strong first impression. Many candidates make costly CV mistakes that are hurting their chances in the selection process and could result in their CV failing at the first hurdle.

There are a number of red flags from spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and meaningless CV clichés like “hardworking team player”, to using elaborate font or failing to break up the text within the document. Many candidates mistakenly think that adding visual design features such as company logos and photos of themselves will make their CV more eye catching. In reality it becomes difficult for readers to digest the information, and so your CV is overlooked.


This infographic below from CV experts StandOut CV shows you 9 of the deadliest CV mistakes that you need to remove if you want to land that all important job interview.


Andrew Fennell is the founder of CV writing service StandOut CV, former recruiter and regular contributor to websites such as The Guardian, CV Library, Business Insider and Fast Company.


Tip 1: An unprofessional email

Tip 2: Meaningless Cliches

Tip 3: Skills graphs

Tip 4: Photographs

Tip 5: Too many pages

Tip 6: Unexplained gaps

Tip 7: Spelling and grammar mistakes

Tip 8: Elaborate fonts

Tip 9: Big chunks of text


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