Chinese Actress Chooses to Learn English at Kaplan

Mengjie Jiang, born in Wuhu in China, began her acting career as a teenager and has already won a Baihe Award for Best Actress. First known for her TV role in A Dream in Red Mansions, she has recently been in a number of films, one in particular Lost in the Pacific which came out in January 2016, is an American and Chinese collaboration and her first English film. Only a few weeks ago she was at the premiere of Sword Master, a 3D martial arts film due out in August and a remake of the 1977 classic.

So it's no surprise that as a rising star she has found time to learn English. As the movie roles grow, the interviews with international journalists increase, and the public interest in her spreads beyond China, English is a must-have.


Mengjie Jiang
Mengjie Jiang, a famous Chinese actress, recently studied in our New York SoHo school


It’s actually the second time Mengjie has studied at Kaplan. Last year she decided to study in our LA Westwood school enjoying the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. This year, with 2 weeks to spare from her busy schedule, she decided to head to the East Coast of America and spend time learning and living in New York.

“I’ve been very happy studying at Kaplan, and I’ve learned a lot. I hope I can spend more time studying here in the future.”

New York
Study in the heart of Manhattan, our school is located in the trendy SoHo neighborhood 


I was lucky enough to meet her in our New York SoHo school which is located in the heart of this trendy Manhattan neighborhood. It was Graduation Day and Mengjie was just finishing her last few classes, after the ceremony I found her taking selfies with other students, posing with her graduation certificate, and chatting away to fellow classmates relishing in the opportunity to practice her language skills.

“Kaplan is very good, because it's a superb language learning environment, teachers are outstanding, and students come from all over the world. Everyone gets on well with each other, and all of us use English to communicate with each other.”

Mengjie, like many of our other students, decided to study English to help her career, gaining the language opens up many more doors whether you're an actress, architect, or photographer!

“Kaplan can help me further improve my English, in a more effective way. I need English for work, communication, practicing lines for plays, shows, and movies. Because of my work, I need to speak English to foreigners, which makes it a very important skill for me to learn.

Kaplan classroom
Study with other students from all over the world where you can continue to practice your language skills!


Which of our Kaplan schools should Mengjie go to next? You too can follow your dreams whether you want to learn English in the heart of American politcs and choose to study in Washington, amongst the buzz and excitement of London, or surrounded by the sunshine in Sydney, Kaplan can help you get there. 

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