Hello: greetings from around the world

This week we're celebrating World Hello Day, the idea is to greet at least 10 people today – but why not make it 10 people each day for this entire week? If you're lucky enough to study English with Kaplan International (surrounded by other students from all over the world) then you'll be able to say hello to people from different countries and cultures. Take a look at our infographic below to find out how other languages say hello from bonjour, to ciao to namaste – become a pro at greetings in no time!


Hello in other languages



 Language   Word for 'hello'   Pronunciation 
 Spanish   Hola   oh-lah
 Portuguese   Olå  oh-lah
 French   Bonjour  bon-zhur
 German  Guten Tag   gu-ten tak
 Italian   Ciao  ch-ou
 Polish   Czesc  che-sh-cht 
 Russian   Privet   pre-vyet 
 Greek   Yassou  yah-su






 Hindi   Namaste   nuh-ma-stey
 Thai   Sawadee  sa-wah-dee



 Nei Ho 

 Nei Hao



 Japanese  Konnichiwa   koh-nee-chi-wah


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