Ice creams around the world

If there’s one great benefit to studying abroad, it's the opportunity to try new foods. After looking through your #KaplanExperience photos, we’ve noticed that not only do our students love sharing photos of their food, they particularly love sharing photos of the amazing ice creams that they eat during their time studying abroad.

Whether it’s in London or Sydney, here’s a run through of our favourite photos (and ice creams) taken by our students from across the globe.


Shared by Patrik, New York City 

If New York is known for anything other than its landmarks (and shopping) it’s definitely for its food. Grab yourself an ice cream from popular dessert stores such as Dylan’s or Milk, and take a stroll through Times Square, check out the views from the Empire State Building, or do some shopping on Fifth Avenue.

ice cream new york


Shared by Aigerim, London

On a visit to London from Kaplan Torquay, one of our Young Learner students Aigerim captured this great shot of Tower Bridge. What could be better than ice creams and sight seeing? If you’re visiting London, make sure you check out popular tourist spots such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye.

ice cream london


Shared by Monique, Sydney

This picture represents a typical day spent a Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia. Full of surfers and sunbathers, a trip to this beach wouldn't be complete without a tourist picture featuring an ice cream or acai bowl.

ice cream sydney


Shared by Max, New York

It’s ice cream galore in New York! Shared by Max in Manhattan, these sweet treats are the perfect addition to exploring in the big apple! Want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city? Then soak up the sun in Central Park, or enjoy the views along the High Line.

ice cream new york


Shared by Justine, LA

Shared (and enjoyed) by Justine in Los Angeles, Justine and her friend enjoyed these ice creams while studying with Kaplan. Want to make the most of your time in LA? Then make sure you check out the views from the Hollywood Hills, look for your favorite stars at the Hollywood walk of fame, or go shopping at Rodeo Drive.

ice cream los angeles


Shared by Chiho, Brisbane

Sunny days and ice cream go hand in hand in Brisbane. Whether you’re soaking up the sun on the beach front, or are cuddling koala’s at the koala sanctuary, Kaplan student Chiho knows the best way to spend the day is with an ice cream Sunday.

ice cream brisbane


Shared by Michelle, Edinburgh

It may not be hot in Scotland, but that hasn't stopped Michelle enjoying an ice cream at Edinburgh’s Portobello Beach. Aside from the beach, make sure you head over to Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat to really make the most of the Scottish experience.

ice cream edinburgh


Shared by Vera, New York

You can’t go to New York without heading down to Brooklyn for an ice cream! Made famous by tourist photos, the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory is the perfect place to grab an ice cream and soak up the views of the Manhattan Skyline! If your tastebuds lie on the savoury side, grab a slice of pizza from Grimaldi's and head back over into Manhattan by walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

ice cream new york


Shared by Dimitria, Sydney

What could be better than an ice cream on a sunny day in Sydney? If sunbathing at the beach isn’t your thing, then head over to the Sydney Opera House, enjoy the walk from Bondi to Cogee, or check out the swimmers at the Bondi Icebergs Club.

ice cream sydney


 Do you have any amazing ice cream photos you want us to see? Don't forget to share them on instagram with the #KaplanExperience. Want to learn more about where in the world you can study English with Kaplan International? Contact one of our advisors today.

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