From Kaplan to Career: Trisha

If you’re looking to travel for personal reasons or as part of a new and exciting career, English is an invaluable tool that can connect you with people and places around the world.

For 22-year-old Korean student Trisha Ko, learning English was an important next step in her hospitality career, which is why she decided to study at our English school in Vancouver. Through our University Placement Service (UPS), Trisha discovered new interests and expanded her skillset, setting herself up for future success.


Trisha career
Trisha left her home town in Korea to live and study in Vancouver for 8 months


Life Abroad: Vancouver

With a fascinating mix of modern life and stunning natural beauty, Canada is a popular destination for students studying English abroad. For Trisha, Vancouver was the most logical choice because of its friendly locals and study opportunities.

“I tried tutoring in Korea to improve my English, but in the end studying in Canada was the best option for me. Looking back how far I’ve come from the English beginner to where I am now, it makes me smile. My first year in Vancouver is so different compared to this year. I have made so many international friends at Kaplan – they literally are everywhere in different cities! It is the best thing just living in Canada.”


Trisha career
After a few months of living in Vancouver, Trisha had a newfound love for Canada

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Working and Studying Abroad

Trisha studied for 8 months on our Intensive Academic Year course, which allowed her the time to improve her English before transferring to a private college through UPS. Once there, she was able to take part in their work and study program.

“The hospitality company I worked for gave people specific hospitality training and work opportunities. Thanks to them, I could work at many different hotels such as the Fairmont, the Marriott, Vancouver Club, and so on.”

International students in Canada may work up to 20 hours per week once they start at college or university. This allows them to make some money, build a network, and gain work experience. After they graduate, they may be eligible for a post-graduate work permit, which allows them to stay in Canada for up to three years.


Trisha career
While in Canada, Trisha took part in a Work & Study Program before transferring to university


Our University Placement Service (UPS)

With UPS, we are constantly connecting international students with over 250 higher education institutions in a number of English-speaking destinations. For Trisha, this was a valuable resource, helping her decide on a university, apply for admission, and transition smoothly into higher education.

“Currently I’m taking four courses which are Business Management, Philosophy, Economics, and Sociology. I’ve studied before but it is not easy. Especially, Philosophy is a tough topic for a non-native speaker, but I find myself improving and becoming more outgoing!”


Want to know more about how you can study English with Kaplan and then advance onto university in an English speaking country? Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below, or get in contact with one of our advisors for more information.

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