[email protected]: Australia and New Zealand in Photos

In May this year, Ido, our celebrity Instagrammer went on a tour of our schools in Australia and New Zealand.

We asked him to choose his best photos from his visit and what he loved about each school.



At our Adelaide school in Australia, everyone knew each other, so it had a very welcoming atmosphere. In the town, there is lots of great street art and graffiti on the walls. In this picture you can see Donnie, who is the principal for the Melbourne and Adelaide schools. She is with a student, who she was joking with for the photo.

Brisbane When I first saw the fake beach in Brisbane, Australia, I couldn’t believe it. It looked so real that it made me that want to go in the water. If you ever get to Brisbane, you also don’t want to miss the Gold Coast! The Gold Coast is about an hour away from Brisbane and has real beaches where you can surf. One of my favorite places over there was "surfer paradise".
CairnsMy biggest surprise was Cairns, in Australia. The weather was amazing, the landscape is beautiful and the people were so nice and welcoming that I felt like part of the family thanks to Trish and her great staff. In this picture you can see Petr from Czech Republic and "Grandma", who is a teacher and a big hero at the school.
MelbourneI have taught Instagram classes at many Kaplan schools. In every location, I take pictures of the students. Melbourne’s picture is one of my favorites. Melbourne is one of my favorite places in Australia because of its amazing food and coffee culture. It is a big city but not too big and has super nice people. I can’t wait to get back there.
  PerthOne of the things that you can’t miss when visiting every Kaplan school is the students’ great friendships. When I arrived in Perth, Australia, I could see lots of strong friendships, although the students were from different places all over the world. This made me jealous and made me want to be student as well!
  Sydney  Sydney is one of the places I didn't explore as much. Unfortunately, I was in a rush and the only thing I saw in the city was the great school we have there and Hyde Park, which is close to it. My biggest memory of the city is when I took the ferry to Manly, I could get the quick view of Sydney’s beautiful port where the famous opera house is located.
Sydney ManlyThe view that Sydney Manly students see every day from their classroom window is amazing! It is the ocean, where everybody goes to surf. When class finishes, they all just go to the beach, so I'm very jealous of them! I chose this photo to represent Sydney Manly, Australia, as after the students finish working, they all go down to the beach!
Auckland I was a bit nervous about visiting Auckland, in New Zealand, because it is in another country and so far away. However, the staff at Auckland school are great, especially Guilana, the school principal. The students are awesome too! It felt like I had a family there. In this picture you can see the talented Aurele from Belgium waiting to capture a magical photograph.

Which photo is your favorite? Have you ever been to any of these cities before? If so, we'd love to hear about your adventures!

If you are interested in studying English in Australia or New Zealand, you can contact us here.

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