Snapshots of the Autumn Season

Not all parts of the world are lucky enough to experience four distinct seasons throughout the year. But if you find yourself in the mid-latitudinal areas of USA, UK, Ireland a little bit of Canada (midway between the equator and the poles), you’ll have the chance to truly experience the stunning changing of the seasons. After the dreary temperatures of winter, blooming flowers of spring and bright sunshine of summer comes the one of the most colorful of the seasons: autumn (or ‘fall’ as it’s affectionately known).

Although this season marks the end of the summer greenery, it transforms towns and cities into stunning patches of gold and flaming reds. As you move from region to region, you can see the hues of these fall colors change to match the landscape and climate.


Autumn in North America

Our students captured a series of beautiful autumnal moments from their #KaplanExperience to share with their family and friends back home. Have a look:

autumn in New York
@tiger_snap enjoys a boat trip in Central Park, New York against this beautiful backdrop of the four colors of fall


autumn in New Hampshire

@buddhapoom provides a closer look at the quaint countryside of New Hampshire, Massachusetts


autumn in Ireland

Ireland enjoys its share beautiful autumn landscapes too, as shared by @ana_laidaa


autumn in San Diego

The autumn sunsets are quite spectacular too on the west coast of USA in San Diego as captured by @yjjoo29


autumn in New York, central park

It’s the perfect season for romantic walks in the park, especially if it’s Central Park in New York; shared by@viniciousmorandi


autumn in Massachusetts
An aerial view of the Massachusetts countryside is a memory that will tide you through the gloomy winter; shared by @Buddhapoom


autumn in Canada

This picture of Canadian autumns brings with it the warm smell of maple syrup on waffles. Thanks @adriiianagiselle.

How are you enjoying the amazing colors of fall? If you have your own autumn snapshots to share with us, please do on Instagram and don’t forget to use #KaplanExperience.

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