Student Features In Our New Brochure


No matter what course you pick, how long your time with Kaplan lasts or when you begin your journey, once you’ve joined the Kaplan community, you’ll take home more than just English language skills.

It’s with this idea in mind that we proudly decided to feature an actual student on the front cover of our new 2016 brochure - we wanted to give prospective students an insight into what life at Kaplan is really like.

Gianluca Grassi, one of the lucky students picked for the front of the new brochure cover, spent 10 weeks taking an Intensive course in the Covent Garden school.

Why London?

With London famous for beautiful landmarks and a popular destination for tourists, it’s easy to understand why students would want to study there. What does Gianluca think?

London is a beautiful city, and not far from Switzerland like the US. A friend too has gone [to the Covent Garden school] and advised me. I loved the parks where you can both relax and find friends to play football.

Study English in London
London is a popular city for students to study English

What’s the motivation?

Students come to study at Kaplan from all over the world, and we wanted to know what motivates them to learn English. For some, it’s career progression and for others self-development. For our featured star, he says his motivation was “because English is the main language in the world."

What are the benefits?

With his future plan to start university in Switzerland, his newfound English language skills will not only be a valuable tool as he moves forward with his studies, but his experience will be a great addition to his CV.

As part of studying at Kaplan International, there is a focus on the social side of learning. This is designed to help students pick up conversational English in a relaxed native English-speaking environment.

With students as young as 19 like Gianluca, taking the step to move cities can initially be a nerve-wracking experience. Many new students, if not most, will be stepping out of their comfort zone. This means there is real potential to gain confidence, not only in the ability to speak English, but also in oneself. The fact that so many of our students flourish at Kaplan, and walk away with new friends and improved English, shows prospective employers confidence and the ability to network and take initiative.

Making friends
Make friends during your time at Kaplan

The start of a Kaplan journey…

When it comes to the easiest and hardest part of a student’s journey, Gianluca gives us an insight into the real worries that face a student at the start of a journey.

At first I thought it was difficult to live in a big city like London but I just realized it was not so. It is a beautiful city, very welcoming. Certainly the weather could be better! The easiest thing has been meeting new people at school and the residence where I was.

Success really does come to those that work hard, and there is no better feeling than walking away from your experience at Kaplan having succeeded in more than what you first set out to do.

If you feel ready to be inspired to take that next exciting step and become part of the Kaplan community, take a look at our new 2016 brochure. With exciting cities on offer, a range of courses to suit all abilities and comfortable, world-class accommodation, you won’t be disappointed.

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