Student vs. Tourist: What's the Difference?

It’s hard to ignore the innate sense of curiosity humans have when it comes to exploring things that are unfamiliar to us. This is one of the reasons we travel; we travel for adventure, we travel in search of knowledge and sometimes we travel because moments in our lives inspire us to visit a place we've never been. 

But how does being a student alter the travel experience and what are the benefits of immersing in a community for longer than the average tourist?



student vs. tourist


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Living as a student abroad

There are so many reasons why you should study English abroad: it expands your perception of the world, it makes you a more skilled and desirable job candidate, and you can build a global network of friends. 

Tourists are more likely to explore the local landmarks, but students living abroad get the chance to truly know a city and time to discover the cute little streets with the best cafés and the ideal spots for authentic cuisine.There are benefits to both studying abroad and visiting somewhere as a tourist, but if you want to really get to know a city, it’s worth spending a bit more time there.

So which path is right for you? Maybe you just want to pass through different destinations as you trek across the continents, or maybe you’re looking to settle down in a new environment abroad. Either way, find a way to get out there and see the world, because we promise you won’t regret it.


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What’s the difference between studying a language abroad and simply visiting a city on vacation?



  • Become fluent in a new language
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Immerse fully in the culture
  • Gain a new perspective on the world
  • Learn to cook the local dishes
  • Take home a life-changing skill



  • Learn some words and phrases in a new language
  • Chat with the locals
  • Take some photos of the sights
  • Learn a bit about the city’s history
  • Try the local cuisine
  • Take home a fun souvenir
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