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About Kaplan International English


Each year, over 60,000 students learn English at more than 45 Kaplan International schools located in eight countries around the globe. We are proud to help so many people grow personally, academically, and professionally while seeing the world.


Around 5,000 Kaplan professionals work for Kaplan International, and we are as diverse a company as our students. Meet some of our team and learn about how we work to help you.


Education is extremely important, and we take academic rigour seriously: 95% of all students who study with Kaplan International English would recommend us to their friends and family.


Our courses are not only based around classrooms and textbooks, but also encourage the opportunity to enjoy new cultures, make new friends, and have the experience of a lifetime.


Kaplan International English is part of the Kaplan Inc. family and its mission: helping individuals achieve their educational goals. For over 75 years, Kaplan has been providing education to students all over the world, building on decades of expertise and continuing to innovate and lead the way forward.

Our journey started a while ago, but your English language journey starts here.