Sprachschüler stellen sich vor auf Englisch - Fabian

Wir treffen heute im meet-and-greet den Sprachschüler Fabian, der sein Englisch ganz erstaunlich verbessert hat. Derzeit nimmt er am IELTS Vorbereitungskurs teil, um sich optimal auf seinen bevorstehenden IELTS Test vorbereiten zu können. Im Interview erklärt er uns mehr.

Kaplan Sprachschüler Fabian Maurice Bader

Hello Fabian!

Nice meeting you today. Your English sounds amazing, almost like a local. What course are you in? It must be a really high English level I guess?

Thanks! Yeah that's right. I am attending the IELTS course  right now and the focus is on the separate writing, speaking, listening  and reading parts - we are doing typical IELTS exercises. There is also enough  time to have discussions throughout lessons.

But the best thing: I have improved my English greatly. I started in the Higher Intermediate course. A few weeks later I went on to the Advanced course  (I am proud!). I have improved in all areas, especially speaking because I have to speak all the time. I am now ready for the IELTS exam.

The best thing is that the teachers are so motivated. They want you to improve your English. At the end you improve upon your skills. Every teacher has their own teaching method. I appreciate that because it doesn’t get boring. They use a variety of methods.

Congrats for moving up on your English levels! It's good to hear such success stories. How does the material in class help you for the preparation?

Well, the Kaplan books are amazing.  It is pretty easy to improve your English while using these materials. There are many exercises to improve your grammar. As far as I am concerned it is very useful,  especially for preparing for the IELTS exam. It is possible to do old IELTS exams.  A great deal of K +tools is also really helpful to improve your English, for instance, your reading, listening  and writing.

What made you decide to come to Kaplan Auckland to study English and how did you find the right course for you?

I have chosen the Intensive  English course  to improve my skills faster.  I hope my course  will help me to get a better  job in the future. I can apply for an International Masters course  in Europe. Furthermore, I can communicate with many people from all over the world. It connects people from different cultures.

Also, I like a great deal of things at Kaplan. I appreciate the location daily. The Kaplan school is surrounded by the Auckland Domain and the museum. It is pretty easy to study and I feel really comfortable. For instance I like studying  at the Domain Park after school, It is perfect,  especially in summer.

What do you like most about you stay here in Auckland and what makes your "KaplanExperience" unique?

The best thing about  studying here is to do so with students from around  the world because you learn more about  other cultures and behaviours. It is very interesting to meet people from all over the world. My accomodation also helps me to meet new people. I really like the big kitchen at the City Lodge. It’s pretty easy to make friends and cook together. You learn more about  cultures because there are people from all over the world, cooking and eating and laughing together.

Also, one of my favourite part here are the social activities or in more detail the sport activities offered by the school, especially playing volleyball close to the school building because I am addicted to sport. And the city of course! In my opinion, Auckland is a big city and just one big advantage is that the nightclubs and bars are all located in close proximity to each other.

So....quite honestly my "KaplanExperience" was that I have met many nice students from all over the world. With some students I do a great deal of activities together, especially on weekends.

Wow...what an experience! Sounds like you are really having a great time! Do you think others should try it as well?

Yeah, I totally recommend studying  with Kaplan. Last year my brother studied at Kaplan for 5 months. As a result I decided to attend Kaplan as well. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The teachers are so motivated and nice. Moreover, it is possible to use the study centre for studying  before and after school. And the surrounding city....what more can you ask for!? ;)

Thanks Fabian! Enjoy the rest of your stay with Kaplan.

Wie Fabian es richtig erkannt hat: Englischkenntnisse und Qualifikationen werden im heutigen Berufsleben immer gefragter, ja meist schon vorausgesetzt. Die Prüfungsvorbereitungskurse der einzelnen Sprachzertifikate sind bei Kaplan Sprachschülern sehr beliebt. Im Kaplan Blog findest du zu diesem Thema weitere Infos: