Sprachschüler stellen sich vor auf Englisch: Sophie

Einige Kaplan Sprachschüler stellen sich vor auf Englisch und heute gibt uns Sophie Charlotte die Ehre. Sie reiste mit Kaplan nach Neuseeland und wusste vor Reisebeginn recht wenig über Sprachschule und Gastland. Mal sehen, ob sich das bisher geändert hat...

Sophie Charlotte Eitle

Hey Sophie!

Great to meet you and Thanks for taking the time to meet us today. You really seem to have improved your English as you just said before that you didn't speak that much when coming to New Zealand?

Yeah it's true! I recognise that I speak a lot more fluently, already after one week. We start every lesson with a conversation round in class where you talk about  different topics with the students in your class. Afterward we do different reading, writing or listening  exercises with the K+ notes. I think K +notes is not a typical school book. In there you find a lot of topics that are interesting for our generation like travel and music. It is a lot of fun to work with this book and it helps you talking about topics you would talk outside of the classroom about. And what I really like is that the teachers are all very friendly. You can call them by their first name and they can almost  help you with every question you have.

Sounds good. And what made you come here to beautiful Auckland? New Zealand is not exactly the closest location to Germany, isn't it?

Yeah I know but I booked my stay with Kaplan in Germany without knowing anything about  the school. I just wanted  to improve my English in an English speaking country. I think you learn a lot here, not just English but also interacting with people from different countries. And I really love the sea so Auckland is the perfect city for me. You can go to the beach every day if you want to or visit one of the beautiful islands around  the city.

Did you make a lot of new friends in Auckland to spend your freetime with?

Definitely ! At Kaplan you find friends from all over the world. Studying with people from all over the world really opens your mind. You get the chance to learn more about  different cultures. It is a very special experience having students from different countries in your class and also to interact with them during social activities. There are so many different activities organized by the school, it is hard to decide which one I prefer the most! Also, I’m living in a host family and I really enjoy becoming  part of the new culture. They involve you in family activities and can give you tips about  Auckland.

Thanks, Sophie! Sounds you are having a great time here in New Zealand! Hope to see you again!

Absolutely! I would recommend Kaplan to everybody who wants to learn English in a great location, with great teachers and great people. I do not regret comming here :)

Auch Lust auf Auckland?

Bei allen Fragen rund um Visum, Programm-Möglichkeiten, Anreise und Vorbereitung oder was dir sonst auf dem Herzen liegt, versuchen wir gern dir weiterzuhelfen! :)