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University Placement Service

A degree from a reputable university or college is a great way to launch your international career.

What is Kaplan's
University Placement Service?

Our University Placement Service (UPS) allows you to benefit from our extensive network of partner universities and colleges. Combined with our wealth of experience, we help you gain entry to graduate and undergraduate courses in the USA, UK, Canada and Ireland.

Why take up UPS?

Many of the world’s most prestigious universities are in English-speaking countries across the world. A degree from one of these institutions demonstrate your ability to thrive in a new environment and will open doors to a promising career at home and abroad.

We’ll help you find the perfect undergraduate, graduate, or vocational program, and guide you through the application process.

You will benefit from our extensive network of more than 250+ college and university partners.

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UPS helps you get into a great university or college


Application guidance

We provide full assistance and advice to aid accurate completion of any application forms (including visa assistance) and guide you through the required steps.


Guaranteed admission

If you meet all academic requirements, we will secure you a placement with one of our university partners with a Conditional Letter of Acceptance.

(* Certain programs and partners may be excluded)


Entrance exam assistance

We assist with booking in the required university exams to ensure you are ready and prepared for university life abroad.


English pre-arrival test

To ensure you meet the required level of spoken and written English, we provide a free pre-arrival test to check your standard. We can then recommend appropriate English language courses to take so you meet the language requirements to study at an English university.


Organised university visits

Once you are enrolled at a KIE school, we can arrange and organise all university campus tours and visits, and answer any questions you have about studying at university abroad.


English support and guidance

We provide you with a dedicated counsellor whilst studying English at KIE to ensure you have continuous support towards successful university enrolment.

How to prepare for university or college

What do you want to study?

Selecting a program and institution takes time and consideration. If you have an idea of what you want to study, you should to think about the type of ‘credential’ you want to achieve. Whether you want to graduate with a diploma or a bachelor’s degree, we can help you progress to your instituion and program of choice.

Also think about the different types of education: in general college education is more applied and prepares you for a specific career, whereas university degrees are more academically focused.

What's your English level?

Part of University Placement Service is a free pre-test to determine your level of English. Based on this assessment, Kaplan International estimates the time you need to improve your English to the required level for admission into university or college.

In the US and Canada, almost every partner accepts the Kaplan International grading levels for admission onto their programs. For the UK and Ireland, we can help prepare you to achieve the relevant exam grades required for university admission.

What English course do you need?

Our schools offer a variety of programs to help improve your English skills. No matter what the entry requirements for your university or college, our courses will support you in achieving your goal.

  • English proficiency courses: Effective and flexible programs that address your specific language needs.
  • Exam preparation: including IELTS, Cambridge and TOEFL. Intensive programs that focus on skills and strategies required for studying in a university.
  • English for academic purposes: Includes essential skills such as essay writing, critical thinking, and reading comprehension.
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The Application Process


Send your program preferences and take the free English pre-test


Kaplan International sends you recommendations based on your English level, existing academic qualifications, future objectives and preferred study location


Choose a partner university or college and enrol for English study at Kaplan International


Kaplan International assists in your application for university or college and pre-screens your application


Receive joint letters of acceptance for Kaplan International and the partner university or college (conditional)

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