FAQs - Health and safety

How are accidents, first aid and work-related ill health handled?

Health surveillance for some employees carrying out specific tasks will be required. As a guide by the nature of the specific task there is a higher risk involved, this can be a single task or a repeated task.

Health Surveillance will be arranged by the center manager and records held by them.

First aid boxes are to be kept in a suitable location such as a reception.

First aiders who have undertaken the appropriate training should be easily recognizable by the use of work station identification markers; intranet contacts directory; list on the H&S board.

All accidents and cases of work related ill health are to be recorded in the accident book. The book is to be kept in a suitable location.

The center manager is responsible for reporting accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences to the Company H&S advisor so they can be appropriately reported to the local enforcing authority (HSE).

Last updated: 
24 June 2016
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