Importance of Grammar -文法の重要性-

One of the great advantages that Japanese students have is high spec (grammar/vocab)



I was surprised that grammar is taught properly during the class at Kaplan – the comment made by one of our students. It is not the same type of drilling exercises you are familiar with in grammar books. In a typical Kaplan class, there is a weekly theme such as shopping (elementary) and ecology (higher intermediate) and around these themes, you participate in various activities such as collating newspaper articles, team debates, and producing a group report. Through these content-based exercises, you develop fundamental listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. When your tool, English language, is stimulated this way via more comprehensive grammar and wider vocabulary, your language application gets more functional. It is like having a ‘higher spec’ engine. Your understanding of themes becomes deeper and the way you reach others is clearer and more convincing. This is precisely why you cannot skip grammar components. Equipping you with ‘higher specs’ and providing diversified usage – this is the methodology deployed by Kaplan.


日本人学生は、このツールとしての英語の精度がとても高い、というアドバンテージを持っています。したがって次なるステージは、応用力。ところが困ったことに、この応用(英語を使う)の段階で、前回の記事(WELCOMING “CHANGES”「変化」を受け入れる)でお話した「躊躇心」「完璧主義」に簡単に取り込まれてしまうのです。応用段階での真の邪魔者です。留学先という新しい環境での「気づき」はある。しかし今度はかえって構えすぎてコミュニケーションの機会に蓋をしてしまう。1週間目によく目にする、日本人学生の姿です。

One of the great advantages that Japanese students have is this high spec (grammar/vocab). The next stage where focus should be is application. But beware! It is very easy, I have found, to stumble over the tendency for hesitation and perfectionism that I mentioned at the beginning. This is a real hindrance at this application stage. It is a very common tendency for Japanese students in the first week – heightened awareness of the new environment leading to ‘closure’ of communication.





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