前回の記事「IMPORTANCE OF GRAMMAR -文法の重要性-」で、日本人の留学生は、ツールとしての英語(文法や語彙)の精度がとても高い一方で、躊躇心や完璧主義に囚われ、コミュニケーションの機会を逃してしまうというお話をしました。今回の記事では、そんな状況に陥ってしまった人に向けて打開策を紹介します。



My advice for overcoming the hesitation that we have been discussing is to do something that I will term “Create an English Persona”. The fact is, your past career achievements, your reputation, self-pride, and academic records are not as relevant in your new study environment. The way you present yourself here and now is how people perceive you as you really are.


By taking advantage of this condition, you can set yourself a new challenge – to say things that you are too hesitant to say in Japanese but which are easier to express in English, for example (“you look exceptionally beautiful today!” ). Rather than reading a situation at work and so by doing so restricting yourself from expressing your opinion, speak out a little (“I cannot agree with your opinion, because…). As if you are creating an imaginary character in a novel or playing somebody else’s role on stage, start to imagine and create a new persona for yourself, as someone who is living overseas and speaking in a different language. Mimicry and observation here are especially helpful.


When you take a slight distance from yourself and bring a third party perspective, you suddenly realise that your “supposed personality” was somewhat forced by circumstances and contrived, especially by your own pressure. Communicating in English and studying and living overseas can thereby become a positive trigger to discover and uncover a new persona and mode of expression.


As technology advances, more and more emphasis and greater value have been placed upon creativity, diversity of ideas and perspectives, people engagement, and collaboration. You may already have these skills, but these may be hidden underneath your current personality and yet to find true expression. In order to begin different forms of interactions in a different language with others, choosing go abroad should be considered as a powerful option.